key points...

FYR Medical's system is uniquely positioned in the field of both AR and VR competitors. It’s a breakthrough combination of both new and existing technologies seamlessly integrated in unconventional ways. This is a total vision solution that addresses every major pain point of current and known forthcoming devices.

our competitive advantages

Our unique “emulated transparency” approach enables capabilities never before seen in medical visualization. Here are the highlights:


form factor weight
approx. 4 oz
approx. 2 cm (eyepiece)
resolution angular
approx. 30 pixels per degree
30 cm to optical infinity
field of view horizontal
approx. 30° (25 mm eye relief)
approx. 30° (25 mm eye relief)
minimal eye strain imaging system
image quality
light field pass-through
virtually zero VAC
true mixed reality occlusion
100% virtual object occlusion
6-DOF, depth sensing, light estimation
ubiquitous content experience
any content, any device
light field in single draw call

form factor

slim & lightweight

Weighing approximately four ounces with eyepieces similar in size and shape to common oculars, the XR Digital Loupes are the epitome of balanced form and function.

The internal aluminum structure, non-porous housing, and remote processing pack unite in a sleek design that keeps weight and bulk off the face. It's designed from the start to provide maximum flexibility for the surgeon, diagnostician, and student; engineered from the ground up to exacting USAF anthropometric standards for ergonomics and visual performance.

The result is a lightweight, slim wearable comparable to traditional surgical loupes. It's truly capable of all-day, every-day use, even in the most demanding operating environments.



visual acuity

Meeting the visual performance demands of our medical professional customers, our sensor array, display, and optical architectures enable a near-to-eye angular resolution on par with existing AR/VR solutions.

Rather than presenting data on a two-dimensional display, however, FYR Medical’s architecture is truly volumetric… built on end-to-end light field processing. Clarity of depth perception is perceptually unrestrained, with enough spatial fidelity to easily focus on objects within a focal range greater than that of typical loupes, with no discernible transition.


field of view

30° x 30°

The medical community has long refined the traditional surgical loupes. FYR Medical set out to harness these optimizations of form factor and field of view. Our XR Digital Loupes possess a 30-degree-wide by 30-degree-high field of view, akin to (or greater than) existing loupes.

This FOV exceeds first-generation AR devices and is comparable to second-generation, while being explicitly optimized for the healthcare professional. Ultimately, the experience is comfortable and familiar while bringing unprecedented capabilities.


minimal eye strain

light field imaging

Our true light field system delivers light to the eye the way we naturally see. The view through the XR Digital Loupes is akin to peering through glass: we see into the visual scene instead of looking at it.

While other systems employ various tricks like stereoscopic imaging and careful eye-tracking with focal cues to give the impression of depth, FYR Medical's XR Digital Loupes actually generate the full volume of light the way that light would normally enter the pupil.

Eye fatigue, nausea, and other problems induced by the Vergence-Accommodation Conflict (VAC) are virtually eliminated. As a completely passive system emitting fully three-dimensional volumetric light, the XR Digital Loupes allow users to focus on nearby or far away objects as effortlessly as when viewing the real world.


true mixed reality

full occlusion

The only head-mounted display system with complete control over the incoming light field, FYR Medical’s architecture allows for total digital manipulation of the entire visual field.

Synthetic content is not additively blended with an optical view, but rather digitally integrated with it. Virtual data and objects can fully occlude anything in the real world, regardless of their color, brightness, or ambient luminance. That means the XR Digital Loupes can be worn both in darkened laboratory settings as well as under the bright lights of an operating room. Irrespective of environment, virtual objects can both block and cast realistic shadows over the real world.

Depth sensing and 6-DOF measurements ensure content in the virtual scene is always correctly composited with real objects; enabling content from any simulation, image generator, or navigation system to provide unmatched realism. Virtual content can be truly integrated with the real world.


ubiquitous content

ultra performance

Light fields are notorious for requiring massive compute power; most AR/VR experiences require device-specific optimizations. FYR Medical’s revolutionary render pipeline solves both of these challenges.

Using a patented rendering technique, the XR Digital Loupes can display fully immersive light field experiences running on off-the-shelf GPU technology. This includes the mobile processors found in most smartphones. There's no need for an array of graphics cards or a high-end gaming computer, the device in your pocket has enough power for breathtaking XR experiences.

There’s a plethora of anatomical and imaging data available to the surgeon, not to mention innumerable non-XR apps, navigation software, and simulations. FYR's proprietary pipeline allows any existing 2D or 3D media to be viewed as an immersive light field with the addition of a single post-process shader. This translates to low-latency, near-universal compatibility with almost every existing pre-op, intra-op, and post-op visualization and training environment.