breaking free...

Traditional HMDs are bulky, power-hungry, and fill only a small portion of the visual field with mediocre resolution at best. These limitations plague every player in the AR and VR space across every industry, from military to enterprise to entertainment. They’re not uncommon problems, it’s simply physics: there’s only so much light a lens can accommodate; there’re only so many pixels a GPU can drive.

it's time for a new direction

We’re tackling these problems from a completely different angle. Our groundbreaking architecture is a radical departure from conventional approaches that all hit those same limitations. Our patented design harnesses the power of true light fields: a collection of sensors coupled with unique display optics, powered by cutting-edge algorithms.

Each eyepiece captures, augments, then re-emits the light the way our eyes naturally see. Instead of looking at a digital image like a smartphone screen, we look through the eyepieces into the three-dimensional space behind them. The effect is like looking through electronic glass.

If your mind is wandering with possibilities, you’re not alone. Our design has garnered widespread attention from some of the biggest names in electronics and computing, whose continually refrain is “unique” and “revolutionary”. This is the future of medical visualization, and the next step in the evolution of AR/VR for healthcare.



the eyepiece

emulated transparency

The eyepiece is an electro-optical assembly that captures and processes light, then re-emits an augmented light field on the opposite side. We call this concept "emulated transparency".

Each eyepiece is comprised of an array of sensors and a light field display with embedded logic, and features multiple custom electronic and optical layers. The resulting imagery is re-emitted as a high resolution, three-dimensional volume and allows for a wide range of spatial depth perception.

There’s minimal vergence accommodation conflict (VAC), no washed-out colors when viewing virtual data against bright backgrounds, and no discernable latency or screen-door effect.


the headset

like surgical loupes

FYR Medical’s light field XR device is designed to match the tried-and-true form factor of surgical loupes. We strive to empower medical professionals by packaging cutting-edge technology into a comfortable, familiar device.

Each eyepiece is comparable in size and field-of-view to traditional surgical magnifiers, while the entire XR Digital Loupes system is of equivalent (or lessor) weight. Despite this diminutive form factor, FYR Medical’s technology presents unprecedented visualization capabilities.

View radiological data as a truly volumetric field of light; see “through” soft tissue into a surgical site; pre-visualize the trajectory of implanted hardware. All of these experiences (and more) are made possible by FYR Medical’s unique approach to augmented & virtual reality (AR/VR).