what it is...

FYR Medical, using technology licensed from Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works®, is building the world’s first Light Field Extended Reality (XR) eyewear which will provide medical professionals lifelike augmented imagery and digital information seamlessly blended with their real-world vision. The technology has the ability to deliver complex reconstruction imagery in real time, empowering surgeons with unprecedented situational awareness and an intuitive understanding of patient data.

  • interact with volumetric DICOM data
  • virtually view “into” the patient’s body
  • keep critical data within line-of-sight

a revolutionary visualization platform

Our medical loupes-like device will be used in a number of environments including surgical suites, training sites, and across many areas of telemedicine. It will be able to integrate easily with existing content (e.g. CT/MRI/X-ray scans, simulations, and navigation systems). Our team consists of the original Lockheed Martin inventors alongside experienced entrepreneurs with a track record of successful exits.



business model


FYR Medical’s business model is to manufacture (via outsourced GMP facilities) and sell our XR Digital Loupes to leading healthcare companies focused on specialist surgical procedures, telemedicine, and healthcare education & training. Our go-to-market strategy is to form strategic partnerships with leading healthcare companies.


founding team


FYR Medical is an independent startup based in Fort Worth. The senior management team has substantial experience in early-stage start-up ventures, and a track record of VC returns and IPOs. The technical team, consisting of the original inventors, was recruited directly from Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works® and has decades of cutting-edge visualization experience in the world’s most demanding real-time use cases.


use of funds


FYR Medical has raised a $2.6MM Series A. FYR Medical will manufacture a GMP compliant light field digital device and enter into the FDA regulatory approval process. FYR Medical is partnering with a global medical technology company to develop our light field digital device, fast-track the regulatory approval process and to expeditiously service the spine and orthopedic markets.